Saturday, 26 April 2014

Earthy Canonmills

1 Canonmills Bridge
Open every day
Coffee: Mathew Algie
Also: Groceries and produce
Coolness: The adjoining shop's selection of produce

This Earthy (3♥) is at Canonmills bridge, right at the Canonmills intersection and is just down the road from the Botanic Gardens.

The Canonmills Earthy takes up the whole building and includes a shop for packaged as well as fresh food and a cafe/restaurant. They make a good coffee using Matthew Algie - an independant Glasgow-based provider.

The food - both prepared for immediate consumption and bottled/tinned/packaged/fresh - looks great with a wide selection. We sampled some salad and fritata and it was lovely. Also on the extensive menu when we went was game pie, quiches, a good range of imaginative salads, burgers, soups and whatever is freshly available and in season. The sweet/cake options are equally lovely and those with allergies may be catered for with gluten-free, egg-free etc.

The large seating area is usually near full with folks catching up and relaxing over newspapers. A pretty high kid ratio too.

You find yourself a table or bench and then order and pay at the counter after which the friendly staff bring it to your table.



  1. just discoved your blog. very informed. i had to admit i was dissapointed with earthy. i find the idea of paying for food/coffee before you get it sits uneasily with me, especially as they seem to have an abundance of staff standing around idly.

  2. I think they are doing a great job. You must remember, their restaurant IS NOT open yet!!!! You will not have to pay at the counter for long. Give them a bit of a break! I simply asked them and they explained that they will have full table service starting June 1st or there abouts. I thought all the staff were really friendly and my flat White was amazing! It is designed to be a laid back, chilled sort of place and I doubt the staff were idly standing by, when I was there they were all rushed off their feet! Awesome place!!

  3. I will have to agree with the initial comment regarding service. I sat their for 10 minutes waiting for service while the two behind the deli chatted. There was no sign notifying me that its 'order at counter'. However, their coffee was splendid.

  4. Mmm.. I was very disappointed also. We visited early on just after opening but gave them benefit of doubt and returned. The person serving us managed to say nothing other that 'what do you want'. Coffee cold and salad portion very small compared to southside. All the staff were acting in that too cool for school stylee. Yuck. I love the staff in the southside earthy, so I think I'll stick to going there.