Saturday, 6 June 2015


66 Hamilton Pl
Open every day
Coffee: Machina
Also: Soups, pastries, bikes and gear
Coolness: Beautiful bicycles and related accessories

Ronde (4♥) is mostly a funky bicycle shop with slick, smart and intelligently designed bicycles and bicycle gear. But it's also a cafe and an art gallery dedicated to showing cycling-related photography and print. Their focus is on 'cycle, cafe and culture'.

Ronde occupies two shop fronts with the cafe in the front of what was previously a butchers, complete with lovely old tiling. You can take a seat at one of handful of cute vintage 50s-ish tables and have coffee and sweet, cake type things. They also offer great soups.

The space has been furnished and designed thoughtfully and contains lots of really nice goods that you'd like to take home.

They make a very fine coffee and are friendly people. Soft milk, not too hot, rounded flavours. A joy to visit.


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