Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Counter - Tollcross

Tollcross on Lauriston Pl
Open Mon-Fri approx 7.30am to 3pm
Coffee: Mr Eion bespoke blend
Also: Cookies, brownies
Coolness: Friendly calm service from a beautifully refurbished Police Box

Owners of The Counter (4♥) have three perfectly equipped Police boxes in Edinburgh, all serving lovely coffee. This one is at the Tollcross intersection on Lauriston Place. The other two are at Morningside (their first shop front) and Usher Hall, just up the road. They've also expanded to 'The Counter on the canal' - a boat coffee shop on Edinburgh's Union Canal near Fountainbridge.

When you reach Tollcross it's not hard to see why this complex intersection once needed a constant Police presence to keep it running smoothly. Now it's governed by traffic lights, bus routes and turning lanes, leaving the Police box available for another public service: friendly high quality caffeine.

Like their other Police boxes and canal boat, owners Sally and Ali use their own bespoke coffee blend by roaster Mr Eion. 'The Counter' blend is primarily comprised of Sumatran and Brazilian and is a nutty, choclatey brew that works well with milk.

The Counter also make their own brownies and salt caramel cookies among other delicacies and offer Edinburgh's Eteaket teas.

More: The Counter on Facebook

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