Sunday, 21 February 2016

Leo's Dovecot

10 Infirmary St
Open: Mon-Sat
Coffee: Hands-on & guests
Also: Meals and cakes
Coolness: Located in the Dovecot Studios art and tapestry space

Leo's at Dovecot Studios (4♥) is a light and airy cafe on the entry level of Dovecot Studios and is run by the same owners as Leo's Beanery in the New Town and Leo & Ted's in Tollcross.

Leo's primarily use Cornwall based Hands-on beans and make an excellent, well-rounded and enjoyable espresso-based coffee that goes extremely well with their wide array of tempting cakes. Leo's is so good at baking that they also supply their sweet and sticky goodies to other high end cafes. As an added bonus, many of their cakes are gluten-free which they don't tend to advertise because it puts wheat-eaters off, despite the fact that it's impossible to tell.

This coffee shop is open everyday except Sundays and is extremely popular with locals. On weekends especially, it gets jammed with appreciative customers so you may need to jostle your way into a seat.

The cafe building is the result of  a thorough refurbishment of Edinburgh’s oldest public baths and now includes workshop and gallery spaces as well as the cafe. It's a 100 year old tapestry studio and home of the Dovecot Foundation which supports the work of the studios and a programme of tapestry and non-tapestry related exhibitions and events.


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