Friday, 22 April 2016

Avenue Coffee Byers Road

291 Byers Rd
G12 8TL
Open: Every day
Espresso, aeropress
Coffee: Avenue Coffee
Also: Meals and cakes
Coolness: Three choices of aeropress coffee on offer

Avenue Coffee in Byers Road (4♥) is a jam-packed café, full of appreciative locals in Glasgow's busy West End.

The coffee on offer is their own, roasted locally at their Great Western Road shop and roastery. Aeropress lovers will be very happy with a choice of three different beans at any one time. When we went they had a Rwandan, Brazilian and Ethiopian on the board - with tasting notes. They do a fine espresso-based coffee as well and you can even give latest fad bullet-proof coffee a try if you're up for it (coffee with butter and oil added "to promote high energy and brain function").

Avenue have a wide range of beans available in their shop and even more on their website for one off or subscription purchase. They source their beans from high quality and sustainable sources, ensuring growers get paid fairly. The majority of their coffee is single origin but they also have seasonal espresso blends.

Alongside picking up Avenue beans to take home, they have some brewing kit such as filters, drippers, chemex and aeropresses.

The food features as strongly as the coffee such as big weekend breakfasts, soup, pulled pork burgers, sandwiches, salads and an impressive range of cake and tray bakes. The staff are very friendly and service-oriented, it's not hard to see why the locals love it so much!

More: Avenue Coffee Facebook

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