Monday, 13 June 2016

Dear Green Cafe Project

The Briggait
Enter off Clyde St
Glasgow G1 5HZ
Open: Friday to Sunday
Espresso, V60, aeropress, cold brew
Coffee: Dear Green
Also: Cakes, beans, pop-up food stalls
Coolness: Coffee flights - the same bean via three brew methods

Dear Green Cafe Project (5♥) is the roaster's pop-up coffee shop, running through the Summer at The Briggait.

Dear Green roast their beans a few blocks away from their cafe and, since opening in 2011, have had a fairly high profile locally in the speciality coffee scene. They supply coffee shops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and places in between, so you may feel you know them.

Not so.

In our experience, and we've tried many cups of Dear Green in many places, no-one does it as well as they do. It's definitely worth a visit to experience the complex layers flavour the Dear Green baristas coax out of their beans.

A genuine showcase for their wares, you can try multiple beans and multiple brew methods. Changing regularly, you'll find at least one espresso and two filters on offer - blends and single origins. They source and roast traceable, ethical and high quality beans from a wide range of coffee-producing nations such as Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and more.

If you're in the mood for sampling, you could try a coffee 'flight' - which is three brew methods using the same bean, such as an espresso, filter and cold brew.

They supply some food, including cakes, and invite tasty pop-up food stall holders to provide sumptuous snacks and meals. There's also a range of coffee kit such as filters, aeropresses, chemexes and keep cups. And of course you can buy bags of beans to take home.

The location of the cafe is the large, ornate, sandstone Briggait building - Glasgow's fish market for over 100 years - that takes up the block between Bridgegate and Clyde Street. The building was conserved and renovated by WASPS Artists Studios and now houses artists and cultural organisations, as well as Dear Green cafe on the Clyde Street side.

The cafe is spacious, arty, chilled out and distributed over two floors. And definitely one to visit in Glasgow!


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