Friday, 13 January 2017


76 Victoria Rd
G42 &AA
Open Thursday to Sunday
Coffee: A range of high end guests
Also: Cakes, breads, meals
Coolness: Creative food, coffee and community focused business model

Bakery47 (5♥) is a top notch bakery and cafe that bakes a wide range of breads and cakes.

We'll focus on the coffee first (as you'd expect :)

Bakery47 is joined behind the servery - the majority of the time - by Back to Black owner and barista James Wallace to turn out coffees that match the quality of the bakery items.

James scrolls through a 'who's who' of specialty roasters from Scotland, the UK and further afield. So you can expect high quality variety from Berlin's The Barn and Five Elephants to North Berwick's Steampunk and Bath's Colonna, heralding from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Rwanda and more.

And brew options are equally varied. Espresso-based, batch brew and hand brew coffees are on the menu alongside seasonally changing options such as mulled cascara in the colder months and cold brew in the summer. Just watch Back to Black on Twitter and Instagram to see what's on from week to week.

On the food front, you can buy mouth-watering baked items made on site by the people who take your order. You can pick up loaves and buns of many types as well as cakes, tarts, scones, traybakes, pastries and bakery items you hadn't realised existed. We know that there's many a cake connoisseur who knows a lot more than we do, but we can confidently say that Bakery47 is amongst the best around. You won't be disappointed, but to give you a sense: portuguese custard tarts, poppy chia bagels, rhubarb pastries, amarena cherry toasted pistachio brownies, peanut butter banana buns, wholewheat spelt cinnamon currant buns... and much, much more.

The cafe is quite large and customers are invited to place their order and pay at the counter (you place your order for coffee at the same time). There are plenty of customers picking up bakery items and leaving again, and plenty sitting in as well. The menu takes great advantage of their bread and cakes as well as high quality seasonal food, sourced from as nearby as feasible.

Supporting, and being active in, their community are at the heart of their approach to business. They regularly share their space with other like-minded individuals, from events to classes, workshops to popups.

Unless you're lucky enough to be able to pass by Bakery47 every day, the best way to stay up to speed with all the goings on is to watch their Facebook. The pictures of their baked items alone are worth it!


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