Sunday, 21 May 2017


72 Victoria Rd
Glasgow G427AA
Open every day except Monday
Espresso & V60
Coffee: Machina & guests
Also: Meals, beans
Coolness: Czech-inspired bakery items in a neat, friendly package

Buchta is a cosy, friendly coffee shop in Glasgow's South, inspired by its Czech namesake.

According to owners Tomas and Katerina, Buchta has two meanings. Tomas explains: "Generally, you can call all cakes Buchta in the Czech language but it's also the name of one particular cake called Honzikova buchta (John´s Buchta). This is a traditional Czech cake or bun that our grandmas bake for Sunday afternoons. We eat it with nice cup of coffee or tea, or for breakfast with hot cocoa next morning." And this little coffee joint is as warm and welcoming as that description!

They're offering Edinburgh-based roaster Machina as espresso and do V60 filter using guest roasters from the Czech Republic. You can also enjoy a selection of loose leaf teas from Chaiovna or hot chocolates from Coco Chocolatier.

Katerina and Tomas make their own cakes, sweet toasts and caraway bread for sandwiches and toasties and offer home made chocolate spread plus the usual jam and peanut butter. Their fillings change constantly and range from central European sausage, sauerkraut and apple-horseradish chutney through to cheddar and onion or mozarella, tomato and pesto.

In terms of seating arrangements, you can expect to be pretty snug with your fellow coffee and cake lovers. High and wide pale timber tables are flanked by benches that you share with your neighbours - in tune with grandma's buchta vibe.


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