Saturday, 5 August 2017

Filament Coffee - Trinity

44A East Trinity Rd
Open every day
Espresso, Batch brew, V60
Coffee: Filament
Also: Sandwiches, cake, beans
Coolness: Bright and airy cafe with a roaster parked in the corner

Filament (5♥) has two coffee shops in Edinburgh, this one is also their roastery and is in Trinity, North of the city centre.

The coffee menu is divided between black, white and filter. Black is espresso or long black/americano. White is "anything with milk in it". And filter is V60 pour over. They also offer batch brew, and use their own roasted specialty coffee. It's early days for Filament as a roasting house, but they've been one Edinburgh's best coffee shops for some time. So they'll be looking to turn out beans that meet the high quality and consistency standards they've always sought from suppliers! We're going to catch up with them to find out more about their roasting ambitions and will update this post with more soon.

On the food front you can enjoy cakes that change on a daily basis as well as flavoured shortbread biscuits and peanut butter & salted caramel cups. And sandwiches using bread from local bakers Twelve Triangles. Vegans are catered for (e.g. hummus, rocket, spinach, avocado),  also vegetarians (add feta, cream cheese to the mix) and carnivores (e.g smoked salmon or serano ham).

The decor is white, timber and a soft teal - with hard edges and furnished minimally. Being a roaster, they need enough space to haul in big bags of green coffee and physically manage the process of roasting kilos (and kilos) of coffee. That said there are plenty of tables - high long tables with stools on the ground floor as well as tables near the large front windows. And upstairs there are tables and chairs on a mezzanine floor, built into the original attic space.

This is the only specialty coffee shop in the area - with the closest choices being in Leith or near Canonmills. Even more reason to make it a popular spot!


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