Thursday, 11 July 2019

Mr Eion Trinity

44-44a East Trinity Rd
Tuesday - Sunday
Filter, Espresso
Coffee: Mr Eion
Also: Meals, cakes, sandwiches
Coolness: White sunny space softened with natural tones

Mr Eion's cafe in Trinity has wide open windows to the street to welcome you in.

Speaking of welcoming, Mr Eion's roastery in Stockbridge has been supplying coffee lovers with a wide range of beans for many a year from their original bean shop.

Their Trinity cafe offers their beans - weighed out and priced by the gram depending on your needs - within a cafe environment of long pale timber tables and chairs, a tasty menu and a choice of espresso or filter based drinks.

This is the only speciality coffee shop in the area - with the closest choices being in Leith - so definitely worth a visit if you're in the area


Monday, 17 June 2019


9 Dock St
Tuesday - Saturday
Espresso, cold coffees
Coffee: Unorthodox Roasters
Also: Cakes, artwork, snacks
Coolness: Contemporary arts and interior ware

Sorbus is a small coffee shop in Dundee's historic centre that packs a lot in.

They're serving up carefully made espresso-based coffees using Unorthodox Roaster's 'Wee Stoater' - a natural Brazilian - Minor Figures cold coffees and Eteaket teas.

There's a handful of small tables at which to sit and chill, surrounded by Dock Street Studios artworks, candles, soaps, jewellery and other objects on sale.

The Studios host all sorts of events and offers local creatives a platform to showcase their art, homewares, furnishings and more and are just across the road from the V&A Dundee.

Also, keep an eye on Sorbus' social channels for coffee tasting and learning events.


Friday, 31 May 2019

Scotland Coffee Lovers App

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Our App will help you find the best independent specialty coffee shops in Scotland - quickly and easily, whether you're online or offline.

Your location will show up on our map alongside the best coffee shops - all visited and rated by us. You can choose the coffee shop that suits your style and mood based on the rating, review and photo.

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Why an app?
We're passionate about Scotland's independent coffee shops and want to support them by driving customers through their doors. With location services, our App makes it easy for you to find your way to the best coffee shops Scotland has to offer.

We've been reviewing indy coffee shops in Edinburgh since 2008 and have recently been inspired to expand to the whole of Scotland. Over coming weeks and months we'll load up more shops and we're working to improve how the App functions.

Our App works offline so visitors who don't have a UK phone can download it while they're on WiFi and still use it when they're offline.

You'll also stay up to date with the best coffee shops as they open across Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow - as your App will be updated regularly.

We'll continue to refine our App as our coffee scene evolves.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Little Fitzroy

45 Easter Rd
Everyday except Tuesday
Filter, Espresso, Cold
Coffee: Guests
Also: Meals, cakes, juices
Dog friendly
Coolness: Melbournesque overtones - nuff said!

Little Fitzroy takes it's name from the Melbourne suburb, well known for it's quality speciality coffee among many other cool things.

They're located on Easter Road - near the London Road end - and offer kalita wave filter, espresso and cold coffees. Their choice of high quality speciality coffee suppliers include locals such as Fortitude, Machina, William and Johnson, Common, Obadiah and Dear Green as well as folks from a little further afield such as personal faves of ours Girls who Grind.

Expect to choose from two espresso and two filter coffees on any visit - expertly made and regularly changing to keep your taste buds entertained.

Their food is freshly prepped, includes indulgent cakes and is vegan. They open at 7am which is another nod to Aussie coffee shops who recognise that the need is greater in the morning than later in the day!

They also have a selection of home brew kit. Handy.

(Photo: Little Fitzroy)


Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Williams and Johnson Waverley Mall

Waverley Mall
Princes St
Open every day
Espresso, batch brew filter
Coffee: Williams & Johnson
Also: Pastries, smoothies, designer gear
Coolness: Minimalist light-filled chill

Williams & Johnson Waverley Mall (5♥) is located in the heart of bustling Princes Street Edinburgh, right by the iconic Balmoral Hotel and stairs that lead down to the railway station.

The Mall is set back from the street and intentionally low profile - so as not to interfere too much with the Royal Mile silhouette of sandstone spires.

W&J occupy a glassed double frontage with chairs and tables inside and out (weather permitting). They're serving up their own seasonally changing single origins - espresso-based and batch brew filter. You can also pick up bags of beans to take home.

We're big fans of W&J's coffee, and have been since they set up in Leith in 2016. We believe they're amongst Scotland's best speciality coffee roasters and consistently choose and roast to create juicy, tasty, sweet coffee, changing regularly and sourcing from far and wide.

Their menu includes high quality pastries, cheese toasted sandwiches, health-giving smoothies and other drinks and snacks.

Adding to their natural cool you'll find a selection of designer homewares and accessories, teaming up with their mates from their original roastery cafe on The Shore at Custom Lane.


Monday, 4 March 2019

Cairngorm Coffee New Town

41A Frederick St
Open every day
Espresso, filter
Coffee: Guests
Also: Beans and some non-espresso kit
Coolness: Retro industrial décor meets rustic coziness

Cairngorm Coffee (5♥) is in the heart of the Georgian New Town, just below street level.

A short set of stone stairs take you down from street level past a table & chairs and into the open fronted shop. We very much liked the decor of simple chunky wood with equally chunky old metal machinery holding up various chairs, tables and benches. To the right side of the entry is a deceptively large seating area that is very cosy.

Cairngorm stock lots of yummy food and drink options such as cold drinks, chocolates and other snacks from a range of gourmet suppliers. They also do light lunches with toasted cheese sandwiches being a particular specialty, soups and pastries.

Owner Robi and his friendly team use guest beans from a range of European specialty coffee roaster which we very much enjoy in our flat whites. Fiercely passionate about great coffee, Cairngorm is well worth dropping into.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Detour Espresso

39 Argyle Place
Open every day
Espresso, Batch brew
Coffee: Quarter Horse and guests
Also: Cakes, light meals
Coolness: A stone's throw from the Meadows

Detour Espresso is an open, light-filled coffee shop on the South side of Edinburgh's city centre.

Their house espresso is Dark Horse from Birmingham's independent roaster Quarter Horse. 50/50 Brazilian and Nicaraguan, this seasonally changing blend is far from dark. There's plenty of brightness to keep speciality coffee lovers happy.

You can also expect regularly changing guests - quite often from more local roasters - on espresso and batch brew.

Cakes, soups, sandwiches and other tasty snacks are on offer as well as a fridge full of tempting drinks including Clever Kombucha, Lemonaid and Charitea ranges.

The space is airy, the decor simple and the vibe chilled. A very nice spot to stop by or pick up a take-away (in your re-usable cup) before heading to the Meadows for a stroll.