Monday, 25 May 2015

Urban Angel

121 Hanover St
Open every day
Espresso, Aeropress
Coffee: Alchemy, Caravan
Also: Full meals, cakes, beans
Coolness: Ethically sourced, great tasting produce

Urban Angel (4♥) is completely committed to sourcing excellent produce, a principle they apply to their coffee as well as the rest of their menu. They alternate between London-based Alchemy and Caravan roasteries and offer espresso based coffee as well as aeropress, both expertly prepared.

Located in the heart of the New Town, Urban Angel seems small from the street but looks deceive. You'll be greeted by friendly staff at the front counter and, if you want to eat in, be led out the back to a much larger space. They're also very happy to provide a take-away service.

Should you choose, you can have your excellent coffee with a wide range of locally sourced, organic, seasonal, fair trade ingredients in the form of very tempting brunches, lunches and cakes. Coffee lovers and foodies alike should definitely visit to savour excellent Scottish produce, expertly and creatively prepared.


Friday, 15 May 2015


38 Clerk St
Open every day
Espresso, Aeropress
Coffee: Has Bean, Square Mile
Also: Light meals, cakes
Coolness: Aeropress Championships poster collection meets reclaimed timber

Filament (5♥) is located in Edinburgh's bustling South Side, just beyond the Old Town.

They use seasonal beans from highly acclaimed English Has Bean and Square Mile roasters, tailored for your chosen brew method. Their collection of Aeropress Championship posters makes clear their passion for this style of coffee.

The coffee shop has a light industrial feel, held together with tubular steel and using reclaimed timber for seating and tables. This is softened by bright white walls and warm, hanging light bulbs that play on their filament theme. Friendly staff welcome you to bench seating toward the front of the shop and tables and chairs toward the back.

By way of food you can expect locally sourced, high quality sweet baked goods such as peanut butter brownies and strawberry cheesecake shortbread along with fresh bagels and bread rolls. They also whizz up their own juices.

Definitely a coffee highlight for this area and Edinburgh.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Cairngorm Coffee

41A Frederick St
Open every day
Espresso, filter
Coffee: Mr Eion and guests
Also: Beans and some non-espresso kit
Free wifi
Coolness: Retro industrial d├ęcor meets rustic coziness

Cairngorm Coffee (5♥) is in the heart of the Georgian New Town, just below street level.

A short set of stone stairs take you down from street level past a table & chairs and into the open fronted shop. We very much liked the decor of simple chunky wood with equally chunky old metal machinery holding up various chairs, tables and benches. To the right side of the entry is a deceptively large seating area that is very cosy.

Cairngorm stock lots of yummy food and drink options such as cold drinks, chocolates and other snacks from a range of gourmet suppliers. They also do light lunches with toasted cheese sandwiches being a particular specialty, soups and pastries.

Robi (pictured below) and his friendly team use local roaster Mr Eion beans which we very much enjoyed in our flat whites. Fiercely passionate about great coffee, Cairngorm is definitely one of Edinburgh's best.

Further info: 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pekoe Tea Tollcross

20 Leven St
Open Mon-Sat
Coffee: Dear Green
Also: Tea! brewing kit, beans, cakes, biscuits
Coolness: An oasis of tea calm in Tollcross

Pekoe Tea Tollcross (4♥) has a sister shop in Stockbridge and is a similarly nice place to relax and watch the world go by.

Tea is clearly their specialty but they also do a very nice coffee using Glasgow-based roaster Dear Green. The tea choices are enormous to have in or in bags to take home. They've got quite a bit of equipment for brewing both tea and coffee (non-espresso) and the staff are knowledgeable.

The shop fronts on to a busy part of Edinburgh and it's nice take time out to sit at the front window or further back in the shop at tables and chairs.

There's small choice of sweet cakey, biscuity type things available to have with your chosen beverage.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Soderberg Quartermile

1 Lister Sq
Open every day
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Pizza, meals
Coolness: Huge light-filled space with seating on the square

Soderberg (3♥) has two outlets in the continuously growing Quartermile development, just on the edge of the Old Town near George IV Bridge and The Meadows. At both you can get Artisan Roast coffee, carefully prepared, and for ease I'll refer to them here as the 'big' one and the 'little' one.

Soderberg is owned by the same folk as Peter's Yard and breads and crispbreads are their absolute passion. "Breads" extends to everything amazing that you can do with dough (including sweet things that go extremely well with coffee) and they sell their goods through bakery/cafe's in the West End, Stockbridge and Quartermile as well as at this 'big one' at Lister Square that does pizza and other full meals. It also has outdoor seating on an open square so you can while away a sunny day.

The 'little' Soderberg in Quartermile is a bakery that is a minute's walk from Lister Square within the Quartermile development. It sells drinks, snacks, sandwiches, sticky sweet bun things and, of course, coffee. While you'll get your coffee in a take-away cup at the 'little' bakery, it's the same good quality as you'll get in a china cup at the big Soderberg.

Next door to the little Soderberg is a big Peter's Yard which you can find out more about via a separate listing.

Artisan Roast Broughton Street

57 Broughton St
Open every day
Espresso, Chemex, Kalita Wave, V60, Aeropress
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Cakes, croissants, beans, some coffee kit
Coolness: Around ten types of their own coffee beans to take home

Artisan Roast (5♥) is among Edinburgh's best and have shops in Stockbridge and Bruntsfield as well as Broughton Street (they also have a significant presence in Glasgow).

They were one of the first coffee shops in Edinburgh to do great coffee and pretty much the only roaster until very recently. They supply quite a few shops across Edinburgh with their Janzsoon blend but offer a lot of other choices at their shops.

The vibe in their Broughton street shop is chilled out and down-to-earth. There are high tables and stools in the front section of the shop and softer seating out the back, similar to their Brunstfield shop. They offer cakes and croissants to go with your coffee and a big trade in take-aways for busy locals.

Their coffees are amazing and their baristas tip top. A visit to Edinburgh's coffee scene is not complete unless you've dived in and had a coffee or two at one of Artisan Roast's shops.

Passion, aroma, flavour, milk texture, temperature and cup size - all fantastic.

Further info:

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pekoe Tea Stockbridge

55 Raeburn Pl
Open: Tues-Sun
Espresso, v60
Coffee: Dear Green
Also: Cakes, tea & coffee equipment
Coolness: Huge selection of teas

Pekoe Tea Stockbridge (4♥) is jammed full of lovely containers of tea from all over the world and staffed by friendly and inviting people. You can also pick up artisan Chocolate from Edinburgh's Chocolate Tree as well as the Marshmallow Lady's high end marshmallows, among other delights.

They've got quite a bit of coffee (and tea) making equipment too, focusing on non-espresso coffee including stovetop, pour-over and hand grinders.

While much of their clientele is purchasing beans, kit or tea to take home, there are a couple of stools at the front window and along the serving bench as well as some tables and chairs at the back, for those who want to sit in to enjoy their beverages and cake.

Pekoe's is using Glasgow-based Dear Green coffee to create a very nice cup, matching the lovely surroundings.

There's something instantly calming about being surrounded by beautifully packaged high end, ethically sourced tea. Sitting in this lovely space to relax helps to offset the caffeine jolt the great coffee gives you!