Saturday 22 August 2015

Fortitude Coffee

3c York Pl
Open: Mon-Sat
Espresso & filter
Coffee: Workshop & lots of guests
Also: Beans & some coffee making kit
Free wifi
Coolness: Great selection of coffee guests perfectly prepared

Fortitude Coffee (5♥) is nestled between the National Portrait Gallery and The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh's New Town. It sits up of the street, accessed via a short flight of stone stairs.

York Place is the Eastern end of Queen Street toward the top of Broughton Street, complying with old Edinburgh's 'three block rule': you can't have the same street name for more than three blocks, even if it is in fact the same street! (This isn't a real rule. We made it up and it seems to be mostly true).

Up a short staircase to the front door, you immediately know that Fortitude love their coffee. They sell v60 and aeropress gadgets as well as bags of beans, ground or whole. Workshop Coffee is their primary coffee with Monmouth also available when we visited and they have regular guests. Espresso-based and filter coffees are lovingly prepared by the owner and barista.

Our flat whites have been delectable - perfectly prepared using London-based Workshop 'Cult of Done' beans and the service friendly, understated and helpful.

The menu includes stromboli, soup, salad, chilli, quiche and cakes along with a selection of loose leaf teas, hot chocolate and gourmet cold drinks.

The decor is open, light and simple and their branding very nice indeed.


  1. Not being a dedicated coffee lover, I loved this place. The decor is fab!

  2. I totally loved here! I'm not a coffee drinker but the coffee they served me up had me almost converted. Such a friendly place too!