Sunday 19 April 2015

Pact Coffee - Offer for Edinburgh Coffee Lovers

Like many bloggers, I get regular requests to try coffee-related products and services of all kinds. I always check them out, although most aren't quite in line the objectives of this blog so I politely decline.

Ed from Pact Coffee contacted me recently to let me know about his company and to see if I'd be up for trying out their service. In short (more detail below), Pact deliver freshly roasted coffee to your home, whole bean or ground, at a time frame that suits you - you can specify how many days between deliveries depending on how fast you consume your coffee. 

I'm now on to my fourth bag of beans and would like to share an offer from Pact Coffee with all our Edinburgh Coffee Loving folks.

The offer: If you'd like to try Pact Coffee's service and have a UK address, you'll receive your first bag for £1 (including postage & packaging). Just jump on to and use 'edinburghcoffee' as the offer code. This offer is available for first time customers only.

Now a bit more about my experience with Pact Coffee:
  • Pact buy their green beans directly from growers they've selected and are committed to ethical sourcing. They then roast the beans in small batches in the UK and ship them to their customers within the optimal time frame so they're fresh and yummy.
  • Being 'small batch' their beans change regularly so you get plenty of variety and they're very keen to give you background on the coffee you're receiving so you can gain knowledge and understanding about all things coffee
  • The customer experience is nothing short of delightful. Pact have put some serious investment into their whole operation and certainly haven't scrimped on making it as easy and useful as possible for their customers.
  • If you sign up to try out Pact Coffee you'll effortlessly glide through a series of questions about your coffee preferences - brew method and frequency being key
  • Coffee delivered can be whole bean or ground for your preferred brew method including stove top, cafetiere, espresso, drip and aeropress
  • You do have to sign up to an ongoing service but can adjust the frequency of deliveries, or cease using the service, at any time. This means you need to enter your banking details as you would for any direct debit subscription service
  • The packaging is letter-box friendly (why didn't I think of that) which makes delivery hassle-free - the first picture below shows the outer packaging and the second photo the inner, resealable bag
  • You can continually adjust your coffee delivery frequency via their website or their app - pause, reschedule or cancel
  • They drop you an email whenever your coffee 'has left the building' and is winging its way to you and are very keen to have an ongoing relationship with you to keep you happy
I swithered....I have to admit I gave this considerable thought before writing this article. I'm fiercely committed to independent coffee businesses and am protective of Edinburgh's local coffee community who, while going from strength to strength, are still in their early days in many cases.

I love that I can visit our own roasters Mr Eion and Artisan to buy my beans. I also love that so many of our better coffee shops now also sell bags of beans giving us easy access to Monmouth, Workshop, Allpress, Dear Green, Green Lyon, Steampunk, Northern Edge, Roast Central and many more. And some of our best, Machina Espresso springs to mind, sell small batches of beans that change nearly every week. I want these businesses to continue to succeed and I want to continue to buy from them.

Pact Coffee provides me, as a consumer, a convenient option to supplement my local purchasing. Because I travel often and don't work close to any roasters, I don't always get to buy my beans locally every weekend so coming home to have my coffee waiting for me has great appeal. This coupled with high quality beans and being able to effortlessly adjust my delivery schedule is what led me to give Pact Coffee the thumbs up. 

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  1. I am 100% with you, Edinburgh Coffee Lovers. Although we are on a 'break' from the regular supplies - trying a freelance life so cutting out the fripperies - Pact has been a brilliant companion on a journey to try out some ethically-sourced beans that I would never have discovered. Really customer-focused, you are made to feel part of their community, very much a recipe for success in this new age of community/peer-to-peer recommendations. I recently wrote a post about them too (great minds, and all that ...!), though yours was a much better read than mine :)