Saturday 9 May 2015

Soderberg Quartermile

1 Lister Sq
Open every day
Coffee: Johan & Nyström
Also: Pizza, meals
Coolness: Huge light-filled space with seating on the square

Soderberg (3♥) has two outlets in the continuously growing Quartermile development, just on the edge of the Old Town near George IV Bridge and The Meadows. At both you can get Swedish Johan & Nyström coffee, carefully prepared, and for ease I'll refer to them here as the 'big' one and the 'little' one.

Soderberg is owned by the same folk as Peter's Yard and breads and crispbreads are their absolute passion. "Breads" extends to everything amazing that you can do with dough (including sweet things that go extremely well with coffee) and they sell their goods through bakery/cafe's in the West End, Stockbridge and Quartermile as well as at this 'big one' at Lister Square that does pizza and other full meals. It also has outdoor seating on an open square so you can while away a sunny day.

The 'little' Soderberg in Quartermile is a bakery that is a minute's walk from Lister Square within the Quartermile development. It sells drinks, snacks, sandwiches, sticky sweet bun things and, of course, coffee. While you'll get your coffee in a take-away cup at the 'little' bakery, it's the same good quality as you'll get in a china cup at the big Soderberg.

Next door to the little Soderberg is a big Peter's Yard which you can find out more about via a separate listing.


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