Thursday 19 November 2015

PostRoast - latest bean provider in the burgh

Adam Bennett, founder of
We caught up with Adam Bennett, founder of Edinburgh's recently established roasting subscription service PostRoast, to find out what they offer coffee lovers.

We've been keeping our eye on the ever-increasing number of beans Edinburghers can now get their hands on easily. As we outlined in our previous article, we've got local roasters Artisan Roast and Mr Eion plus a wide range of other roasters' beans on offer from the majority of our best indy coffee shops. And then there are new coffee subscription services popping up frequently that deliver beans, whole or ground, to your home on a regular basis. With PostRoast being Edinburgh-based, we wanted to find out more.

So what's the PostRoast story? 
In a nutshell, at this time, their points of differentiation are inexpensive price, only delivering the exact quantity you require every 7 days and super simple product descriptions that purposely avoid jargon or detailed coffee origin and processing information or tasting notes.

To give you an indication of pricing, at the time of writing this story, "7 cups of the freshest, top quality coffee (which cannot be found in any supermarket), delivered right to your doorstep every single week is £3.49." 14 cups a week is £5.09 and 21 cups is £6.59 and so on. Adam calculates "14g per 250 ml and have ensured our simple brewing methods are optimised for this."

We had a few specific questions for Adam and this is what he had to say about his newly launched business:
  • PostRoast is one of kind. We post the exact amount of coffee you need for your week on the day that its roasted, that is exceptional coffee without the artisan jargon which is why many are scared of the coffee world. We want to let the UK public easily drink, exceptional coffee, inexpensively. No where else can you buy coffee as fresh for such a good price, and we all know freshness is absolutely key to a good brew.
  • PostRoast is an innovative distribution system, we work closely with our partner roaster to select and blend our own two blends “strong & punchy” and “smooth and velvety”. We provide an artisan product without the artisan label (or price), we found that is what many people want, a description that is exactly what it says on the tin. Also, all our coffee is bought at higher than fair-trade prices. 
  • Benefits: The freshest possible exceptional coffee; an amazing price; absolute ease and control; coffee packed for your needs so no waste stale coffee at the end of the week; accessible coffee without the jargon. 
  • Differentiations from other subscription services: Your coffee will always be posted within 24 hours of roasting; We work out the exact amount of coffee you need for the week and post this amount every 7 days; The best pricing available. 
We also asked Adam a little about himself:
  • Even before coming to University I wanted to set up my own business. I used to work as a barista, back in the day before coffee subscriptions, and as I was pulling shots customers were talking about and I had a lightbulb moment that coffee would be perfect for the mail delivery model. From there I began developing the business in any spare time I had, after raising funds and winning the University of Edinburgh enterprise award I am finally there!
  • I love Edinburgh's coffee scene, living around the Newington area I have had many a coffee in Kili (who use square mile fantastically), Brew lab, Artisan Roast... and now Filament are on the scene. The offering is huge and I know many students are even turning to local establishments as opposed to large chains. 
Go to PostRoast to find out more.

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