Tuesday 25 September 2018

Bearded Barista - Leith Market

Dock Place
Regular Saturdays - check his Twitter for details
Coffee: Williams & Johnson
Also: A sweet brownie type thing
Coolness: Grab a great coffee while you do your market shopping

The Bearded Barista (5♥) is Lewis - who makes excellently prepared Williams & Johnson coffee from his bicycle-based stall at the Leith Markets.

Apart from great coffee, you can also expect a very friendly and down-to-earth experience with Lewis who is very attentive and happy to chat. As are other stall-holders at the Leith Market which is a sister market to the Stockbridge and Grassmarket Markets, and an excellent addition to Leith's Saturday scene. You can pick up your fresh veggies, cheeses, fish, meat, food to eat on the spot and other produce and hand-made products. All while listening to live music and supporting your local indy producers and artisans.

While Lewis offers all the usual flat whites, lattes and long blacks, we did ask for an explanation of a 'shlongo'. It's a small long black. All his coffees have two shots of espresso unless you request otherwise and you can also pick up a tea or hot chocolate.

Williams & Johnson and Lewis regularly change their beans. You could find yourself drinking Brazilian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian or Kenyan - or something else again based on seasonality and what's tasting great at that time.

Go and grab a coffee from Lewis - it's extremely nice!

More: Bearded Barista Twitter

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