Friday 29 April 2016

Luckie Beans - Leith Market

Dock Place
4th Saturday of every month
Aeropress, Cona
Coffee: Luckie Beans
Also: Beans!
Coolness: Watching the retro Cona coffee maker in action

Luckie Beans is a Berwick-based roaster owned and operated by Jamie McLuckie. He pops-up at a number of markets in Edinburgh and the Borders and sets up his stall at Leith Markets on the last Saturday of every month.

You can pick up either an aeropress or Cona coffee. In very basic terms, the aeropress method involves gently pressing compressed air against the ground coffee and hot water, through a paper filter (or sometimes micro fine metal mesh) and into your cup. The Cona method relies on vacuum to transfer the water through the grounds to create the drink.

Jamie generally offers coffee (the drink) using his Love Lane House Blend, which combines darker roasted Brazilian and Indian beans with lighter roasted Kenyan and Guatemalan beans. He also offers samples using single origins from his wide range which includes coffee from Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Colombia, Sumatra and a Brazilian decaf.

Leith Market stall holders sell local fresh veggies, cheeses, fish, meat, food to eat on the spot and other produce and hand-made products. They also generally have live music which contributes to the relaxed atmosphere.

Jamie also sells his Diedrich roasted beans online and via his Fountainbridge Fridays, Leith, Kelso and Peebles market stalls, and supplies a range of coffee shops in Southern Scotland.


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