Thursday 7 June 2018


13 Thistle St
AB10 1XZ
Espresso, v60, chemex
Coffee: Steampunk & Dear Green
Also: Meals, beans, coffee kit
Coolness: Loads of choices of tasty vegetarian food

Foodstory (3♥) is big cafe in the city centre of Aberdeen that majors on whole and healthy food - particularly vegetarian options.

Sourcing ingredients that are sustainable and generally good for the planet are at the heart of Foodstory's approach. They've chosen to stock and therefore support Scottish specialty coffee roasters Steampunk (North Berwick) and Dear Green (Glasgow) who source their beans along similar lines. You'll enjoy a good espresso-based coffee as well as v60 and chemex brews.

Foodstory is definitely doing their bit to push forward the awareness and understanding of specialty coffee in Aberdeen - and they're a relatively lone voice. They sell beans to take home, including guest beans from other roasters and have a stock of home brew equipment including aeropresses, drippers, chemexes, hand grinders, filters, scales and kettles among other things. Local specialty coffee lovers must be thrilled to now have Foodstory!

Food is, as you'd expect, their main gig. They've structured their menu to include a list of standard dishes such as hot pot, salad bowl, chilli and sharing platter and then vary many of their ingredients based on seasonality. Their blackboard outlines the day's choices, which are many and varied, and include lots of vegetarian options.

To order, customers queue at their counter where you can peruse some of your options before paying and taking a table. The staff are happy to chat you through the ingredients in each dish and maintain an atmosphere of gentle and friendly community-mindedness. As a result the customers who like to eat at Foodstory are as varied as their ingredients - a live and let live feel.

The cafe itself is spacious, with loads of wooden tables and chairs of different shapes and styles. The main servery is built using chunky slabs of undressed timber akin to railway sleepers and one of the walls is lined with similarly rustic timber palings. Charcoal floor tiles and lots of small pendant lights add to the earthy, warm feel.


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