Thursday 18 August 2016

Introducing the Edinburgh Coffee Fringe - August 16

Edinburgh’s famous August festival period is just about to get even better with the city’s first Edinburgh Coffee Fringe, targeting specialty coffee lovers and hosted at some of our best coffee shops and associated Festival pop-ups.

Our specialty coffee scene is one of the most highly regarded in the UK (validated by leading researcher Allegra, not just my bias!) and the events lined up as part of the Edinburgh Coffee Fringe aim to get locals and visitors up close and personal with cupping, tasting, drinking, classes and generally talking about all things coffee.

Organisers Dave Law (Brew Lab), Ewan Osprey Allan (Union Hand Roasted Coffee) and Martin Dare (Edinburgh Coffee Festival) have put together the alternative Fringe throughout August and have pulled in some big names with roasters from Berlin’s The Barn and Denmark’s La Cabra, England’s Square Mile, Origin Coffee and Hasbean and Edinburgh’s own Artisan Roast, Williams & Johnson and Machina Espresso.

Coffee lovers of all levels of seriousness – or un-seriousness - are welcomed to these chilled out events. Each roaster will talk about how they source their coffee beans, where they come from, how they’re processed and how they’re roasted, followed by tastings.You can expect some pretty special flavours and coffee insight from some world-class roasters.

Incorporating some Edinburgh Coffee Fringe events into your busy festival show schedule gives you a rare opportunity to taste and understand high quality coffee, and stay buzzing for those late night shows.

With Edinburgh's first Coffee Festival being such a big success last year, and the voracious appetite of local and visiting coffee lovers who are becoming more and more discerning, the Edinburgh Coffee Fringe is a great addition to our calendar in the run up to the second Festival that takes place on 1 October at Summerhall. Pop that in your diary!

Here’s an overview of the schedule so far and you can find the venues with our App

Ticked booking and more info is on the Edinburgh Coffee Fringe website

  • August 8th - 18:30 - Steve Leighton of Has Bean @ Brew Lab Victoria St popup 
  • August 9th - 18:30 - Jeremy Torz of Union Hand-Roasted @ Urban Angel
  • August 10th – 15:30 – Sensory Class @ Brew Lab Training Lab 
  • August 11th - 18:30 - Oli Jones of Origin Coffee @ Brew Lab Victoria St popup 
  • August 13th - 18:30 - Esben Piper of La Cabra @ Cairngorm 
  • August 15th - 19:30 - Ralf Ruller of The Barn @ Brew Lab Popup Victoria St 
  • August 17th – 15:30 – Sensory Class @ Brew Lab Training Lab 
  • August 17th - 18:30 - Pete Garcia of Square Mile @ Kilimanjaro2
  • August 20th - 18:30 - Todd Johnson & Zack Williams of Williams & Johnson @ Century General Store Abbeyhill
  • August 23rd - 11:00 - John Thompson @ Artisan Roast Holy Garage popup
  • August 24th – 15:30 – Sensory Class @ Brew Lab Training Lab 

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