Saturday 1 September 2018

Soderberg Broughton

45 Broughton St
Open every day
Coffee: Johan & Nyström
Also: Bakery items and meals
Coolness: Swedish-inspired breads and sweet buns 

Soderberg Broughton Street (3♥) is a bakery cafe that occupies an attractively New Town-ish curved stone building on the corner with Forth Street.

A number of Soderbergs have cropped up in different parts of Edinburgh, all offering the same high quality goods and clean line decor.

They use Swedish roaster Johan & Nyström's coffee and do a good job with it. They've chosen a blend with a big bold flavour profile that will satisfy traditionalists but has enough complexity to keep third-wavers interested.

As well as a selection of gelato and a couple of changing soup options, you'll find buns, bread, pastries and sandwiches with a big focus on high quality ingredients. Their cardamom and cinnamon buns are a bit of a signature bake - dense, moist and flavoursome. The glass counter is topped with jars of different biscuits and they sell their crispbread and jams as well. (We're fans of the biscuit in this cake-obsessed world.)

While Soderberg is a wheat lovers haven, there are usually couple of gluten-free sweet baked options for those so inclined.


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