Friday 1 September 2017

Coffee Stories - SCA Course - Introduction to Coffee

Photo: SCA
For the first time, the Edinburgh Coffee Festival is partnering with the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) to run their Introduction to coffee course, at the Corn Exchange, as part of the day. And there's a very sound rationale.

The increasing number of people seeking out speciality coffee is not looking like slowing down any time soon. Around 2.3 billion coffees are bought in shops across the UK each year, and we're seeing more high quality coffee shops opening across Scotland all the time. So a career in the coffee industry is sought after by many and finding and keeping talented staff, critical to the success of our coffee shops.

And coffee drinkers aren't just getting choosier about their coffee shops, they're also getting more discerning and adventurous with the coffee they're making at home.

The cost of home coffee equipment is getting more affordable as technology improves. And manual brewing is even less expensive using kit such as V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave and Aeropress. Home brewers are turning their attention (and their money) toward trying different roasters, origins and flavour profiles as they tinker with their grind size and timing, seeking the perfect extraction.

Jim Watson - SCA Trainer
So if you want to polish up your skills and knowledge, here's the run down:
  • There are 60 positions available for the half-day course - 30 in the morning, and 30 in the afternoon
  • It's a bargain at £60! Normally this course is around twice the cost 
  • Two extremely knowledgeable coffee professionals who are also SCA qualified trainers will lead the sessions - Jim Watson who heads up The Scottish Barista Academy and Alex Passmore Head Trainer at Origin Coffee Roasters
  • A ticket to the Coffee Festival is included in the cost of the course
  • You'll learn about how coffee has evolved from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today
  • And understand the process from picking the coffee cherries through drying, roasting, brewing and finally drinking
  • The course includes a coffee 'cupping' so you'll experience how professionals distinguish flavour and aroma. 
  • The Introduction to Coffee course is a first step on SCA Coffee Diploma System certification 

Find out more about the SCA Introduction to Coffee Course.

Book a place at the Edinburgh Coffee Festival on 14 October before they sell out!
Alex Passmore - SCA Trainer
Photo: Sprudge
Photo: SCA

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