Monday 14 January 2019

Good Coffee Cartel

12 Cornwall St
G41 1AQ
Every day
Espresso and batch brew
Coffee: Good Coffee Cartel
Also: Coffee gear, beans, doughnuts
Dog friendly
Coolness: A touch of Portland industrial styling with Glasgow charm

The Good Coffee Cartel is a Glasgow-based coffee roaster, set up by Courtney and Todd, previously from local roaster Avenue.

They've taken over a large space just off Paisley Road West, on the south side as you head out of central Glasgow, and parked their much loved Probat in the corner.

They're sourcing juicy, bright, sustainable coffees and changing them seasonally. You can expect an espresso - expertly pulled on their Kees Van Der Westen - and one or two filters from their Fetco batch brewer. When we went they were serving their Colombian Excelso, Ethiopian Warquee and Guatemalan Finca La Torre washed and unwashed roasts, but were looking forward to a Kenyan soon. Definitely worth checking back regularly!

And for those who don't live nearby, coffee joy is at hand via their website where you can order their beans to be delivered - freshly roasted.

At the moment you can tuck into a doughnut from fellow coffee professional Darryl Docherty, but look out for regular promotions of food pop-ups and collaborations.

We like the decor and feel of the Good Coffee Cartel. Big windows at the front bring in the light with plenty of informal seating at the front and rear. The barista works at a big central bench that is surrounded by stools for customers - with chatting encouraged.

The owners have highlighted some of the industrial past of the building, with plenty of exposed brick and chipboard. And the window in the loo showcasing their staircase to nowhere is a nice surprise. The space is softened with a very nice shade of teal blue, plenty of magazines to peruse and an internal coffee store with equipment, artwork, bags of their beans and clothing.

Adding to the cool factor is the in-house ceramics studio. These coffee lovers are sharing some of their space with Cathleen Nyman of Studio CN and Steph Baxter who've set up their kilns and workshop. We look forward to seeing their output, some of which is on sale in the shop.

All in all, Glasgow is the lucky home of another top quality Scottish specialty roaster!


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