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Robi Lambie - Cairngorm Coffee

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When did you establish your business - March 2014

What’s your favourite coffee style and why? 
Flat White. I enjoy the partnership of a little milk with espresso. Our ‘Red Hill Blend’ works especially nicely served this way.

Why are you passionate about coffee?
Coffee has a knack of hooking you and reeling you in. Once you’ve tried a really well made Espresso using carefully produced beans something changes and you’ll never quite be the same. Suddenly everything else tastes burnt, or under extracted, and unknowingly you’ve begun your journey into obsession. This certainly happened for me, and the pandoras box just keeps on giving. It’s such an expansive and ever changing environment; one week I’ll be committed to exploring boiler temperature and the next distribution methods or tamping styles. It’s instant satisfaction unlike so many other jobs or hobbies I’ve had. You can spend an evening researching and wake up the next morning to employ your new skills and find that suddenly you’ve increased the sweetness of your Espresso. A great deal of my passion is aimed towards trying to hook others for the first time using a delicious cup of coffee.

Anything else?
For a period in my earlier years I found Speciality Coffee Shops to be scary places. These days Edinburgh residents have really embraced the culture thanks to a cluster of really good shops that have emerged and embraced the concept of hospitality that is so crucial to success.

Working now from the other side in Cairngorm Coffee and having frequented many more shops, I know that the expectation of being alienated from a lack of knowledge is unfounded. Walk into any of the great places in Edinburgh, show some interest, and I’ve no doubt that the Baristas will be happy to discuss with passion the coffee they have and how they make it. It’s certainly something that I have put a great deal of effort into enforcing with my staff. If we can develop more appreciation through education for great coffee, then I’ve no doubt that we can continue to expand Scotland’s thriving scene.

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