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Jamie Craig - Filament Coffee

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When did you establish your business or start working there? 
I started up with Filament Coffee in it's early days just as we were setting up the pop-up on Victoria Street. We have a fantastic investor who is appreciative of our knowledge and experience and really lets us focus on keeping a top quality coffee shop.

What’s your favourite coffee style and why?
Our focus these days is less about favouring specific brew methods and more about the coffee itself. Asking questions about it. Where does it come from? What cultivar is it? How was it processed? And then gaining an understanding and education on what we can expect from different coffees before we've even tasted them.

Why are you passionate about coffee?
It fascinates me how natural and straightforward a product coffee is, yet how many opportunities there are for totally different flavour experiences. From a baristas point of view it is so exciting to be given some of the best coffees in the world which have had so much care and attention given to them by the farmers and roasters. We are then handed the honour of brewing them to their absolute finest and serving them to our fantastic customers, much like a chef would treat some of their best ingredients. I think if I wasn't a barista I would have become a chef as I enjoy so much of that preparation aspect of my job.

Anything else?
All I could say to anyone interested in coffee is wherever you are in the world support local, independently owned coffee shops. Get to know all of the good ones, get to know the staff, get to know the coffee they serve, and be aware that many of the people working in coffee are there out of choice and have a real love and care in what they do, and a lot of knowledge to go with it. At Filament we are also passionate about the social aspect of coffee culture, and we really love to get to know our customers so next time you're in say hello and have a chat!

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