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Susan Doherty & Ludwika Kopczynska - Hula Juice Bar

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When did you establish your business? 
2007 (just before the crash!)

What’s your favourite coffee style and why?
It’s still a latte, maybe as it was my first love affair all those years ago. When I’m travelling I take an Aeropress and make a long black.

Why are you passionate about coffee?
I had my first proper latte in Australia over 10 years ago; it changed my view of coffee forever. From the barista side, there’s always something new to learn, something new to experience or a technique to improve.

Anything else?
Hula is a juice bar by name but so much more inside. It’s a gallery with 6 curated exhibitions per year; we press fresh green juices, make chia porridge, glutenfree granola bowls, vegan cakes, acai breakfast bowls, veggie curries and we have an ever-changing salad menu. On the coffee side we’ve worked with Artisan Roast almost since inception – our baristas are trained to their standards and we currently use their Janszoon blend for our espresso.  We’re almost 10 years old and reside in the oldest building in the Grassmarket.

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