Edinburgh Coffee Hot Shots
Marie & Joe Denby - Leo's Beanery

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(l to r) Josie, Joe, Marie, Caroline, Bogusia and Luke

When did you establish your business? 
February 2010

What’s your favourite coffee style and why?
For both of us a Long Black is always our coffee of choice. It usually needs to be chocolately and nutty however we recently tried 'Rocko Mountain' from Rounton Coffee Roasters and it is a phenomenal Yirgacheffe - like a blueberry bomb!

Why are you passionate about coffee?
We lived in Australia for a while and got used to being able to go to great cafes and always get good coffee, alongside good food rather than just one or the other. When we returned we were devastated at the lack of options in Edinburgh – however thankfully there are now fantastic coffee shops and cafes opening all the time.

Anything else?
When we opened Leo's we wanted to create somewhere that we would love to go to ourselves and hopefully where others would too! A coffee shop with fantastic coffee, fresh and interesting food and a place in which you would always feel welcome.

Since then we have established a great reputation and now have a fantastic team who work alongside us to continue what we set out to create . Our gluten free brownies won two gold stars at the Great Taste awards last year and this year our Orange and Almond cake and Lemon and poppyseed drizzle also won stars.

We will soon be opening a new site in Tollcross called 'Leo and Ted'. This will be where we plan on growing our baking business and where we shall also be serving and stocking coffee beans from some of the best micro roasters of the UK and abroad!

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