Edinburgh Coffee Hot Shots
Eion & Dana Henderson - Mr Eion Coffee Roaster

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When did you establish your business? 
December 2013

What’s your favourite coffee style and why?
Eion - Espresso; there’s nowhere to hide and there is so many variables to get it spot on!
Dana - It depends on my mood or the coffee I’m drinking. I love a pour-over though... even just for the ritual itself.

Why are you passionate about coffee?
Eion - I love the variety and intricacies of coffee and enjoy learning how to get the best out of each bean. There is always something new to learn. I am passionate about introducing people to some of the best coffees available.

Dana - For me, its the stories behind the bean that fascinates me. I often pause to think about the journey that the coffee has been on before it reaches our roaster and I love finding out where it is going to go, how it will be made, who will be drinking it and so on. Coffee encourages conversation, productivity, creativity and comfort. And I love that.

Anything else?
Eion - Moving to Edinburgh was, both personally and professionally, the best move I’ve made. The community has been so responsive and the feedback from my customers has been overwhelming. The nature of the business allows me to create unique blend for my wholesale customers and it is always thrilling to work on something new!

Dana - Eion is the one who does all the hard work! He really knows his stuff and I learn something new from him on a daily basis. I get the fun part of speaking to all the customers that drop by; regulars and newbies, locals and tourists. The Edinburgh coffee community is truly awesome and it genuinely feels like an honour to be a part of it.

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