Sunday, 24 February 2019

Luckie Beans Coffee - Haymarket

Haymarket Railway
EH12 5EY
Open every day
Coffee: Luckie Beans Coffee Roasters
Also: Baked items, cold drinks
Coolness: A rare opportunity to have quality coffee on your train ride

The Luckie Beans Coffee cart is a welcome sight as you make your way through the airy entry hall of Edinburgh's Haymarket Station toward the ticket barriers.

They offer tasty flat whites using their Love Lane house blend, with beans originating from India, Kenya, Guatemala and Brazil. Expert baristas bring out the sweetness, rounding out the gutsy brew that will keep traditional and more adventurous speciality coffee lovers happy on their journey.

Roasting out of Berwick upon Tweed, Luckie Beans make regular appearances at markets around Southern Scotland, but their coffee cart is also a permanent fixture for Edinburgh's commuters and cross-country travellers.

Understandably, coffee is Luckie's main priority, but you can also pick up a muffin, danish or croissant to help soak up the caffeine as well as crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars and other train-worthy snacks and cold drinks.

It's often hard to get good quality coffee at railway stations, which are generally known for ghastly ubiquitous chain stores. It's great to see Luckie on the Haymarket station menu and the retro styling of their coffee cart is also super cute.

To top it off, you can choose from a selection of Luckie's beans, all bagged up and ready to go, for  brewing at home or work.


Sunday, 3 February 2019

Detour Espresso

39 Argyle Place
Open every day
Espresso, Batch brew
Coffee: Quarter Horse and guests
Also: Cakes, light meals
Coolness: A stone's throw from the Meadows

Detour Espresso is an open, light-filled coffee shop on the South side of Edinburgh's city centre.

Their house espresso is Dark Horse from Birmingham's independent roaster Quarter Horse. 50/50 Brazilian and Nicaraguan, this seasonally changing blend is far from dark. There's plenty of brightness to keep speciality coffee lovers happy.

You can also expect regularly changing guests - quite often from more local roasters - on espresso and batch brew.

Cakes, soups, sandwiches and other tasty snacks are on offer as well as a fridge full of tempting drinks including Clever Kombucha, Lemonaid and Charitea ranges.

The space is airy, the decor simple and the vibe chilled. A very nice spot to stop by or pick up a take-away (in your re-usable cup) before heading to the Meadows for a stroll.



Monday, 17 December 2018

Lowdown Coffee

40 George St
Open every day 8am-6pm
Espresso, Kalita Wave, Torch Mountain Dripper, Clover
Coffee: Koppi
Also: Pastries, cakes, soups
Coolness: Passionate about flavour and precision

Lowdown Coffee (5♥) is on the lower ground floor of a multi-story, grandly proportioned Georgian town house in appropriately named George Street. The coffee served is excellent and brew methods varied.

Owner Paul Anderson has a close relationship with renowned Swedish roasting house Koppi, bringing yet more variety to our city's high end coffee scene.

Koppi were set up by Swedish barista champions Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand and only roast high quality coffee they've sourced themselves and know to be sustainable.

Lowdown offer a several options in the Koppi coffee range - matching beans to brew methods across espresso, Kalita Wave, Torch Mountain Dripper and Clover. The latter two brew methods are in relative low supply in Edinburgh, as are shops that serve Koppi, so Lowdown definitely provides something unique.

The shop is wider than it is deep, accessed via stairs from street level. In sunnier months there'll be six or so tables in the outside space, plus the six or so that are inside. Running along part of the back wall is a smart, smooth work bench on which rests their prized Slayer, Mahlkonig EKK43 grinder and Clover. The decor is clean-lined and minimalist, softened with natural timber and fibre furnishings.

Tea drinkers are far from neglected. They can sip London's Postcard Teas, sourced from small farms (less than 15 acres) so it tastes good, as well as does good, for small producers and communities.

On the food side you can enjoy pastries, cakes and soups. Lowdown is also carrying the spectacularly packaged Compartés Gourmet Chocolate Bars.

All in all, a shop not to miss on the Edinburgh coffee trail.


Thursday, 13 December 2018

Scotland Coffee Lovers App

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We've been reviewing indy coffee shops in Edinburgh since 2008 and have recently been inspired to expand to the whole of Scotland. Over coming weeks and months we'll load up more shops and we're working to improve how the App functions.

Our App works offline so visitors who don't have a UK phone can download it while they're on WiFi and still use it when they're offline.

You'll also stay up to date with the best coffee shops as they open across Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow - as your App will be updated regularly.

We'll continue to refine our App as our coffee scene evolves.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Mayze Coffee & Food

974 Argyle St
G3 8LU Glasgow
Open every day
Espresso, batch brew, filter, nitro col
Coffee: The Good Coffee Cartel
Also: Meals, beans, cakes and more
Coolness: Great veggie and vegan food with crafty arty guests

Mayze Coffee & Food (5♥) is located in Finnieston, just West of Glasgow's city centre.

Owners Gillian and Craig bring a significant amount of speciality coffee and cafe experience to this shop, having been in Glasgow's coffee scene for many years. They also run Something Brewed - their coffee and tea pop-up bar for special events.

Their coffee is provided by locals and long time pals The Good Coffee Cartel (previous work mates from Avenue) who favour bright seasonally changing speciality coffees.

Collaborators Faceplant help Mayze turn out a wide range of every-changing tasty vegetarian and vegan food. Brunch is a major attraction, offering big veggie fry ups, waffles and avocado toast. Lunch features burritos, toasties and a daily special main meal. And then there's the mouthwatering cakes, often vegan, gluten-free or both.

Mayze is a winner and will keep you coming back with their regularly changing menu of coffee, cakes and meals.


Photos from Mayze Instagram feed :)

Friday, 16 November 2018

Unorthodox Roasters

129 High St
Kinross KY13 8AQ
Open Wed-Sun
Pour over, espresso
Coffee: Unorthodox Roasters
Also: Beans, light meals, brew kit
Coolness: Big open windows on to historic Kinross town

Unorthodox Roasters in the town of Kinross - about a 50 minute drive North of Edinburgh - is a roastery and cafe.

Owners Neil Buchan and Chris Bode have their 6kg Giesen roaster proudly sitting up front alongside the customers’ chairs and tables.

They offer V60 pour over and, more recently, have added espresso based drinks to their menu. Their overarching ethos is to ensure customers are getting what they want.

They're aiming to demystify specialty coffee for their customers by fully explaining the taste profiles of their range and encouraging customers to try new things, as well as catering to those who tend toward a traditional taste profile.

It's worth visiting their website to get the gist of their unorthodox ethos, and you can order beans - and now specialty teas - to be delivered by mail if Kinross is not in your neighbourhood. Their range changes but this gives you an indicator:
  • Wee Stoater - Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel - Brazil/Nicaragua
  • Fire Bird - Chestnut, Apricot, Chocolate - Rwanda/Brazil
  • Politik - Make. Coffee. Great. Again. - Rwanda
  • Clockword Ninja - Brazil nut, Apple, Cocao - Colombia
  • Jackpot - Blood orange zest - D.R. Congo
The food menu is evolving and includes avocado on sourdough, smoked salmon bagels, banana loaf, brownies and other cakes. And the cafe is quite roomy with lots of light, a rustic-meets-make-do-hipster decor and plenty of room to sit down and chill out.

Neil and Chris were inspired by a major trip they took through Central and South America - much of which was spent building their appreciation and knowledge of specialty coffee. Prior to this epiphany, neither had a background in coffee but have since been engrossed and have now realised their dream to both roast coffee, and open their coffee shop.

And to finish - this is one of the few places in Kinross and surrounds that's open on a Sunday - for all the walkers, runners and cyclists out there!


Friday, 2 November 2018

Luckie Beans - Glasgow Queen Street train station

Queen Street Station
North Hanover Street
G1 2AF
Open every day
Coffee: Luckie Beans
Also: Sandwiches, snacks
Coolness: Specialty coffee at a major railway station - no more to say!

The Luckie Beans coffee cart is located in Glasgow's busy Queen Street station.

It provides great joy to commuters who would otherwise need to go without or choose crappy chain store coffee. Many of us would love to see more Luckies in more stations, which continue to have very few sound choices for specialty coffee lovers.

Luckie Beans is a Berwick-upon-Tweed based roaster owned and operated by roaster Jamie McLuckie. They offer a wide selection of coffees that you can buy online, at their coffee cart or subscribe to have delivered regularly to your home. All coffees are ethically sourced and provided in recyclable, letterbox-friendly packaging.

At the Luckie Bean cart you can pick up a coffee using one of their blends, Love Lane or Queen Street (the roastery is actually on Love Lane in Berwick). The Love Lane is comprised of coffee from India, Kenya, Guatemala and Brazil. It's on the darker roast side and includes some Indian robusta to give you a little extra caffeine hit. The Queen Street is a Sumatra and Brazil blend.

You'll also find a single origin choice on offer, seasonally changing from Luckie's wide range -  Rwanda to Colombia, Sumatra to Ethiopia and more.

To go with your coffee, this coffee cart also sells sandwiches, snacks, hot chocolates and other food to keep you going on your commute.

Luckie Beans also pops up at events and markets including Leith and Kelso Farmers Markets - so look out for them.