Saturday 3 October 2015

Edinburgh Coffee Hot Shots

We're delighted to share our 16 Hot Shot photographic portraits, created with talented friend and photographer Jess Shurte, for the Edinburgh's first Coffee Festival on 3 October 2015.

You can see our full gallery here.

See the Edinburgh Coffee Hot Shot Gallery
See the Edinburgh Coffee Hot Shot Gallery
‘Edinburgh’s Coffee Hot Shots’ aims to put coffee lovers in touch with some of our quiet achievers who have helped make Edinburgh a top coffee destination and strengthen the relationship between customers and local independent coffee shops.

Our Hot Shots have been quietly working away behind the scenes, or their coffee machines, making thousands of high quality coffees every day for a number of years. Now that locals and visitors are starting to recognise our great coffee, we believe it is time to introduce some of our baristas, consultants and owners to new and existing coffee lovers.

See the Edinburgh Coffee Hot Shot Gallery
Our portraits aim to build a relationship between our friendly coffee experts and customers so they can feel more comfortable trying specialty coffee and talking to their barista. Apart from highlighting where to go for truly excellent coffee, our portraits also underline the diversity that locally owned independent coffee shops bring to our community compared to multinational coffee shop chains.

Edinburgh’s independent coffee scene is at an exciting point because we’ve got more and more high quality coffee shops opening up, offering customers more and more choice. While appreciation of specialist coffee is growing, a lot of people are just starting to discover it. Some people are unsure about what to ask for, and others think there’s a bit of ‘coffee snobbery’ going on. This is something we want to address by introducing the friendly people behind our independent coffee scene.”

All the Hot Shot coffee shops can be found on this blog and using our iPhone App.

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