Wednesday 10 February 2016

Five of Edinburgh's best coffee shops for a date

Coffee shops have long been the domain of the first, second and regular date. They offer a convivial atmosphere, a bit of hub bub to keep the conversation going and can be as short or as long as long as suits. "Let's meet for coffee" has started off many a long and happy relationship. Here are a few tips for Edinburgh's love birds this Valentine's Day.

All of them have, of course, cracking coffee so that's a given - and can be found on our app so you can look super smooth finding your way to your date, on time and unflustered :)

Artisan Roast Stockbridge - Doesn’t' get much more romantic than a great coffee shop that has a great flower shop in it. Big windows at the front to chat while the world goes by while you nibble a pastry and sip your preferred coffee brew method.

Cult Espresso near Edinbugh Uni - A funky, long narrow space with plenty of room to have some privacy. If light industrial, exposed brick minimalism is you - here's your date spot. The baristas are friendly and can practically give lessons on relaxed cool that'll get your date off on the right foot when you order at the counter.

Leo's Beanery New Town - Warm, comfortable and busy, Leo's offers coffee from 'Hands-on' that feels like you've got your duvet wrapped around you. Top that off with a wide range of delicious, sticky, home baked cakes of all shapes and sizes - many of which are gluten-free.

Hideout Leith - Inviting floor to ceiling arched windows grace two sides of this cafe that feels as familiar as your own living room. Full meals, cakes, wifi and a constant stream of locals help you feel right at home so you can focus on your sparkling conversation.

Hula Juice Bar & Gallery Old Town - For the fit and healthy, arty or history-lovers, Hula's your perfect date spot. A busy buzz in the room while you hoof into fruit-filled smoothies and breakfasts or inventive salads or soups. Plus they feature local artists' works on the walls - plenty of talking points before you zip off for a romantic stroll in the historic Old Town

Bonus tip – Nothing says I love waking up together better than great coffee at home. Machina Espresso and Mr Eion both offer fantastic beans and brew kit including filter and aeropress. Machina Espresso can also talk you through some very shiny and lovely espresso machines that’ll put a smile on anyone’s dial!

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  1. I'm in Europe (although still in faraway Madrid), and so I'm hoping to get to visit Edinburgh and be able to sip some come in any or all of these Edinburgh cafes. Fingers crossed.