Sunday 13 March 2016

Mr Eion Coffee Roaster

9 Dean Park St
Open Wed-Sun
(Beans only - no coffee served)
Coffee: Own roasted beans from a wide variety of origins
Also: Manual coffee brewing equipment & accessories
Coolness: See and understand the roasting process from green bean to take-home-and-brew bean

Located in Stockbridge, 'Mr Eion Coffee Roaster' is Eion Henderson's warm and friendly coffee roaster.

Eion (pronounced Ian or Iain) serves walk-in retail customers with whole or ground beans and coffee making equipment Wednesday to Sundays (he doesn't serve coffee to drink). He also supplies bespoke blend wholesale beans to coffee shops, pubs & restaurants.

The shop is essentially one room, with plenty of light from the large window facing the street. The shop-front section is dedicated to non-powered coffee making equipment and accessories including aeropresses, pour-over and chemex devices as well as filters, cups and coffee pots.

The counter, and everything behind it, is dedicated to the coffee that Eion roasts on site.

It's not unusual to see Eion roasting during shop hours on his bright blue Diedrich roaster. You'll also see loads of hessian bags of beans from different ethical and sustainable suppliers sitting on palettes behind the counter, both green and roasted, that Eion replenishes from weekly deliveries.

Retail customers generally have 8-10 choices that are a mix of single origin beans and his own blends including the Moustache Twirler and Stockbridge Blend. He offers small batch and seasonal beans as well as regular favourites from India to Costa Rica, Brazil to Sumatra and Ethiopia to Colombia. We always go for his high end small batch beans, jumping at the opportunity to try seasonal rarities and which earn our 5♥ rating.

He and his team are very happy (and keen) to talk to you about the beans currently on offer, and your brew method, to help you in the decision-making process. You can also have your chosen beans ground to match you home brew method if you don't own a grinder. If in doubt, ask for advice, and it'll be given with a smile.

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