Monday 18 April 2016

Little Bird Coffee House

122b Academy St
Open Monday-Friday
Espresso, aeropress, chemex, V60
Coffee: Guests
Also: Doughnuts, cake, breads
Coolness: Amazing filled doughnuts

Little Bird Coffee House (4♥) is within the city's Ironworks Live Music venue and operates on week days.

Owners Jason and Cameron source guest beans and change them regularly including Avenue, Artisan Roast, Luckie Beans and Dear Green. They've got a good supply of coffee brewing equipment including aeropresses, pour overs, filters, kettles, chemexes and reusable cups to go with retail bags of beans to keep you stocked up for home brewing.

Breakfasts include their breakfast bagel of black pudding, egg and bacon although lighter options are also available. Lunches of sandwiches, soups and salads using high quality ingredients sit alongside locally sourced baked goodies and cakes.

Ironworks is a modern, purpose-built music venue and the shop is open and situated on the ground floor. There's plenty of room and wooden tables with steel chairs - and the staff friendly.

There are very few specialty coffee shops in the region so it's great to see Little Bird breaking new ground. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth dropping by for a jolly good coffee and related coffee supplies.


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