Sunday 24 April 2016

Riverhill Coffee Bar

24 Gordon St
G1 3PU
Open every day
Espresso, aeropress, clever dripper
Coffee: Dear Green
Also: Meals, cake, beans
Coolness: Fantastic array of mouth-watering cakes

Riverhill Coffee Bar (3♥) is located in Glasgow's city centre and shopping district and offers high quality food, primarily to take away.

They use Glasgow roaster Dear Green and offer good espresso, aeropress and clever dripper with beans chosen accordingly.

The venue is small - narrow with the servery running most of its length. But the owners pack a lot into that small space and the service is very friendly and efficient.

The first thing you'll see when you enter the shop is a beautiful display of cakes of many types. It is really very hard to resist a little something to have with your coffee! Examples include dark chocolate and beetroot cake, caramelised banana and strawberry jam frangipane slice and pistachio, orange blossom and dark chocolate financier - among many others, piled up on a long wooden board looking like a veritable cake-u-copia.

The food is inventive, locally sourced and very much the focus of Riverhill who also have a restaurant around the corner that faces on to West Nile Street (offering the full suite of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner).

If you're lucky you can perch on one of the few stools available but the vast majority of customers grab their coffee and a sandwich, salad or soup (or cake!) and take it with them to devour elsewhere.

More: Riverhill Coffee Bar facebook

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