Wednesday 28 September 2016

Edinburgh Coffee Festival - Demonstration Room

As part of a bigger and better Edinburgh Coffee Festival, this year we’re hosting a Demonstration Room featuring expert baristas and roasters who'll share their technical expertise and knowledge about coffee beans and brewing styles.

Some questions you may get answered:

Keen to know tips and tricks for steaming smooth and velvety milk for your flatwhites or lattes? Ali McFarlane from The Counter, Niall Langlands from Century General Store Abbeyhill and Eskil Ingvarsson from Swedish roaster Johan & Nystrom will give you some smooth milk tips.

Want to brew at home but not sure what kit to buy?
Come along and see some brew methods in action. Espresso, batch brew, kalita wave, pour-over – hear what they’re all about and try some samples so you can make informed decision. Our experts include folk from Union Hand Roasted, Baba Budan, Cairngorm and William & Johnson.

Hearing about coffee flavours and origins and want to know more?
Each of our demonstrators will talk a bit about the coffee they’re using, where it comes from, how it’s roasted – all attributes that contribute to the flavours you’ll pick up. Local specialty coffee trainers Brew Lab will run a longer, detailed session as part of the programme.

Love your lattes but can’t manage dairy? Oatly have teamed up with Eskil Ingvarsson (World Brewers Cup finalist and Swedish roaster Johan & Nystrom’s Education Manager) to demonstrate their non-diary alternative that still gives you that lovely dense texture that leads to super latte art.

Want to learn about coffee and cocktails?
Burr & Co will lead a masterclass on just this very topic!

Pitch up at the door to the Histology Room in Summerhall at the following times to join in a session.



Ali McFarlane - The Counter Police Boxes and Canal Boat coffee shops – touches on his bespoke Mr Eion beans and how he makes great espresso-based drinks rain, hail and shine.
Ali’s running two sessions, one starting at 10:30 and one at 11:00am.

11.30 – 11:50 See Swedish roaster Johan & Nystrom’s Eskil Ingvarsson do amazing latte art using Oatly Foamable – a clever milk-alternative.

12.00 – 12:20 The folks from Baba Budan – Coffee, Tea, Donuterie – will talk about batch brewing and give you a taster. This brewing method is a great alternative to espresso in some of our best coffee shops.

12.30 – 12:50 Union Hand Roasted Coffee – who also have a stall at the Festival – will talk about their beans and brew up some Aeropress coffee. Loads to hear about here!

13.00 – 13:20 Niall Langlands - Century General Store Abbeyhill – will touch on London’s Assembly Roast beans and top tips for making great espresso-based coffees

13.30 – 13:50 Robi Lambie from Cairngorm Coffee will talk about his Sanremo Opera espresso machine and how he uses this high tech gear to make a perfect cup every time.

14.00 – 14:20 Edinburgh roasters William & Johnson will talk about their coffee, where they source it from and how they choose beans with juicy flavours. They’ll demonstrate the pour-over method and hand out tasters.

14.30 - 14:50 Union Hand Roasted Coffee – who also have a stall at the Festival – will talk about their beans and brew up some Aeropress coffee. Loads to hear about here!

15.00 - 15:45 John Gibson from Brew Lab will host an interactive tasting focusing on how different waters play a big part in coffee brewing. Find out why Edinburgh water is so great for brewing, and why London water isn’t.

16.00 – 16:45 Festival sponsors Burr & Co will demonstrate how to make coffee cocktails via a masterclass – ideal for budding cocktail mixologists who also love the flavour of coffee!

Buy tickets from the Edinburgh Coffee Festival online or at the door on 1 October at Summerhall!

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