Monday 15 October 2018

Twelve Triangles Portobello

300 Portobello High St
EH15 2AS
Open every day
Coffee: Steampunk
Also: Bakery items
Coolness: Amazing filled doughnuts, pies, cake, breads

Twelve Triangles Portobello (4♥) is a bakery cafe on Portobello High Street near the corner of Bellfield Street.

Consistent with their sister shop in Leith, they do a great job with North Berwick-based Steampunk coffee. Available in take-away cups, their coffee is jam-packed with the layers of gutsy flavours we've grown to love from Steampunk.

Twelve Triangles have a justly deserved reputation for turning out high quality and creative bakery items. They started off being most famous for their filled doughnuts - before anyone else was really doing them in Edinburgh - with fillings such as maple pecan custard, chocolate peanut butter and apple and cinnamon.

They've gone on to expand their fame for creative, crusty breads (that subscribe to the Real Bread Campaign's 'no artificial additives' ethos), pies ('hand pies' with fillings such as lentil and feta, potato and cheese), focaccia with savoury herbs and toppings and a wide range of pastries, brioches, scones and buns.

This is primarily a shop where you pick up your delectable breads and coffee and wander out again clutching as much as you can carry. There's no sit-down seating provided.

Go visit. If you don't live in the area you'll wish it was your local bakery and coffee shop!


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