Tuesday 13 March 2018

Williams & Johnson at Custom Lane

67 Commercial St
EH6 6LX 
Open Tues-Sun
Espresso, filter
Coffee: Williams & Johnson
Also: Beans, cakes, sandwiches 
Coolness: Historic Leith meets relaxed & friendly coffee cool

Williams & Johnson @ Custom Lane (5♥), are Leith roasters Zack and Todd who have set up their cafe in the ground floor of the budding creative space Custom Lane.

They're very particular about the beans they source, roasting and tasting umpteen samples before choosing the latest in a string of juicy single origin coffees to don their brand.

You're in for a real treat here. You'll get super tasty coffee - espresso-based or pour over - that's jam-packed with bright flavours but also rounded out with complexity and depth that leaves you wanting another cup (and not feeling like you've just had a glass of cranberry juice).

Williams & Johnson are constantly on the look out for new beans and flavours and change their offering regularly. And when high quality roasters make your coffee, you're getting it how it was intended to taste. (You can always ask heaps of coffee questions too - that makes roasters happy!). Chocolate lovers will also want to try Edinburgh's Chocolate Tree hot chocolate - seriously special.

The cafe is in the big and imposing Customs House grey stone building that faces Commercial Street and where the Water of Leith starts to open up at The Shore. Entrance is easiest from Customs Wharf via a big arched doorway on to an interior courtyard. The cafe is on the right side on the ground floor.

Customs Lane is a creative hub for artisans, artists and designers who make perfect flatmates for our committed and creative coffee rosters. On Saturdays the Leith markets also set up next door, adding to the ambience.

The space is light, bright and minimalist with long, blonde wooden communal tables and chairs.

Bearded Baker bagels and Manor House sandwiches will also keep you going between coffees.

More: facebook.com/williamsandjohnsoncoffee/

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  1. My wife and I are coming up to Edinburgh the 1st week in Jan and as she is a huge coffee fan we will definitely be coming for a coffee. Probably daily.