Wednesday 23 May 2018


Devonbanks Cottage
Pitgober, Dollar
FK14 7PQ
Open: Mon - Fri 09:30-15:30
(But get in touch if you're travelling from far to pop in!)
Coffee: Own roasted beans from a variety of sources
Coolness: Imagine if TV's George 'Amazing Spaces' Clarke designed a coffee roasting shed. Counter Roast is tucked down a single country lane in the grounds of a gorgeous cottage

Located just outside Dollar, CounterRoast is a warm and friendly artisan micro-roaster run by Stewart Maclean, a former financial bean counter turned bean roaster.

On weekdays, Stewart serves walk-in and online retail customers with whole or ground beans that have been freshly hand-roasted. He also supplies wholesale beans to coffee shops, delicatessens and restaurants. Although he doesn't serve coffee to drink, you can taste it back along the road in the village's Bridge Street Kitchen or Dollar's Delicatessen.

The shop is essentially one small roasting room, ‘Roast HQ’.  Everything in it is dedicated to the coffee that Stewart roasts on site.  He has a pile sacks of unroasted coffee, all responsibly sourced, and a small quantity of freshly roasted beans and ground coffee.

He deliberately doesn’t keep a huge stock as he prefers to roast close to order where possible.  As such, Stewart is often roasting during daytime shop hours on his red off-axis Gene Café 1kg hot air roaster.

Retail customers generally have five choices that are a mix of single origin beans and his own signature blends including the Réveillez and Kiss Blends as well as a decaf blend too.

He sticks to his core offerings but rotates the underlying beans so that there is something different to taste every month or so. Stewart's a really friendly guy and is happy to help you choose and to give you any advice you need with your brew method.


Post written by David McIntosh

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