Wednesday 25 July 2018

Cult of Coffee

28 Esslemont Ave
 AB25 1SN
Open every day
Espresso, filter
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Cake, beans
Coolness: The quirky decor is a shrine to cultishness

The Cult of Coffee (3♥) serves Artisan Roast coffee and delicious slices of cake.

Positioning specialty coffee at the centre of its being, Cult of Coffee offer Janzoon for espresso-based coffees and two, seasonal single origins for filter brews - as well as tea and hot chocolate. Locals can also pick up bags of said beans to take home - a beautiful thing for those in the area where specialty coffee shops are relatively rare.

Situated on the corner of Esslemont Avenue and Leadside Road in the Rosemount area of Aberdeen, shop owners have reconfigured the Freemason's square and compass symbol into their logo and broadened out their cultishness by including other eye-catching symbols on the tiles that line their servery.

Big windows let in lots of light, while comfy booths line the right wall – perfect for whiling away an afternoon playing one of the many board games laid out for customers. The cult theme is softened by warm wooden floor boards and tables and balanced with a sense of humour - such as offering a table on which customers are encouraged, nay beseeched, to draw.

By way of a whole different type of cult, the bathrooms are decorated with Beano, Dandy and the Broons comics – which might spark a nostalgia trip for a certain vintage of visitor.

For those with a sweet tooth, they have a large, ever changing assortment of cake, as well as house-baked scones. The cakes are truly fantastic and pair well with the coffee.

Cult of Coffee is one to keep an all-seeing eye on - as it were!

Review led by coffee pal Fionn Pooler of


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