Wednesday 16 August 2017

Coffee Stories - Louise Campbell from Tasty Buns Bakery

In the lead up to this year's Edinburgh Coffee Festival on 14 October, we're going to publish regular stories about some of the people that are involved, and make our specialty coffee scene great. They're a passionate and varied bunch!

Our first 'Coffee Story' features Louise Campbell, owner, barista and baker extraordinaire of Tasty Buns Bakery - 67 Bread Street, Edinburgh.

Intro: We are a small coffee shop using a blend roasted by Mr Eion and we do all our own baking onsite.

When did you switch on to specialty coffee? Personally, probably when I moved to Edinburgh in 2011. I was never a huge coffee drinker myself until I hit University and the choice of great little spots in Edinburgh opens up your mind to a whole new side of coffee - or at least that's what I found!? Maybe I just matured with age! When we got the keys for our shop on Bread Street, the first thing we did was a tasting with Mr Eion - I was up for using someone local and passionate and he fitted the bill!

What attracted you to opening a coffee shop? I originally moved to Edinburgh to study for a Masters in Forensic Anthropology - which I was enjoying - but that was when I started baking and using it as a *slight* distraction from essays and coursework. When I figured I was pretty good at it, and that people actually really liked eating it, I finished my course early and started working in some cafes around Edinburgh whilst looking for the right space for us to start in. I had always wanted to work with food but my mother was a Chef and she always said 'No - it's rubbish hours and not great pay. Do something with your Science!'

What do you like most about it now? I love it. But the best bit has to be our customers. We have only been open just over a year now but we already have a wonderful bunch of regulars (even ones who have helped us carry a big new mixer that arrived for us from sitting outside the shop to our kitchen downstairs). I also love getting out and doing events such as the Edinburgh Coffee Festival. It's a nice change of scenery and pace and it gives us the opportunity to talk about what we love most - baked goodies!

What tips would you give people considering a career in coffee and cake? I would say that without a doubt opening Tasty Buns Bakery is the best and the hardest thing I have ever done. There is always going to be comparisons to other coffee shops and cafes so I think the most important thing is to have faith - believe in the product you make and sell. Keep experimenting - that's what keeps the love for what you do alive. And...... I would say always keep an eye on what's going on with the Coffee and Food scene in Edinburgh - it is always changing and evolving and that is a WONDERFUL thing!

Any other pearls of wisdom? Get an Aeropress. Best thing I ever bought. Delicious coffee at home, but also anywhere else your heart desires!? It's genius. And always *slightly* under-bake your Brownies and then leave them overnight to set before cutting them!

Louise and Tasty Buns Bakery will be taking a stand at the Edinburgh Coffee Festival on 14 October.

Photos: Louise Campbell

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