Monday 13 August 2018

Bearded Barista - Stockbridge Market

Dock Place
Regular Saturdays - check his Twitter for details
Coffee: Williams & Johnson
Also: A sweet brownie type thing
Coolness: Grab a great coffee while you do your market shopping

The Bearded Barista (5♥) is Lewis uses Williams & Johnson coffee at his Stockbridge Markets stall on some Sundays - check Lewis' twitter feed for details.

Apart from great coffee, you can also expect a very friendly and down-to-earth experience with Lewis who is very attentive and happy to chat.

Other stalls at the Stockbridge Market (which is a sister market to the Leith and Grassmarket Markets) offer fresh veggies, seafood, poultry, meats cheeses, tasty take-away street foods and hand-made products. Many a local does their weekly fresh food shop at these markets, supporting smaller local producers which we are big fans of.

Williams & Johnson and Lewis regularly change their beans. You could find yourself drinking Brazilian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian or Kenyan - or something else depending on the season.

Grabbing a coffee and wandering around the markets is a very nice way to spend time!

More: Bearded Barista Twitter

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