Sunday 3 February 2019

Detour Espresso

39 Argyle Place
Open every day
Espresso, Batch brew
Coffee: Quarter Horse and guests
Also: Cakes, light meals
Coolness: A stone's throw from the Meadows

Detour Espresso is an open, light-filled coffee shop on the South side of Edinburgh's city centre.

Their house espresso is Dark Horse from Birmingham's independent roaster Quarter Horse. 50/50 Brazilian and Nicaraguan, this seasonally changing blend is far from dark. There's plenty of brightness to keep speciality coffee lovers happy.

You can also expect regularly changing guests - quite often from more local roasters - on espresso and batch brew.

Cakes, soups, sandwiches and other tasty snacks are on offer as well as a fridge full of tempting drinks including Clever Kombucha, Lemonaid and Charitea ranges.

The space is airy, the decor simple and the vibe chilled. A very nice spot to stop by or pick up a take-away (in your re-usable cup) before heading to the Meadows for a stroll.



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