Tuesday 9 January 2018

Steampunk Coffee Stockbridge Market

1 Saunders St
Open: Sundays
Coffee: Steampunk Coffee
Also: Cakes, beans, chocolate
Coolness: Mavis the lovely orange campervan

Steampunk (5♥) roast their coffee in North Berwick and are regulars at the weekly Sunday Stockbridge market. You can expect to see them between 10-5pm-ish each Sunday, swarmed by happy coffee drinkers.

They make and serve their coffee from Mavis, their 1976 orange VW campervan that has been especially kitted out by the owners. They also sell teas and specialist drinking chocolate alongside lovely cakes and brownies.

If you're more of a coffee geek than us (and there are plenty of them) you'll marvel at their lever coffee machine cosily housed in their campervan. In keeping with their Steampunk ethos, every part of the making of every coffee is controlled by hand by the barista.

Needless to say the coffee is lovely - round, flavoursome, sweet.

You can also order coffee beans from Steampunk's stylish website and get them shipped to you within the optimum few days of roasting and just how you like it - whole bean, cafetiere, filter and espresso. If you're in the mood, North Berwick is very nice and you can drop in on Steampunk's roastery and cafe.

More: steampunkcoffee.co.uk

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