Friday 22 April 2016

Roots, Fruits & Flowers Kelvinbridge

451 Great Western Rd
G12 8HH
Open every day
Coffee: Charlie Mills
Also: Whole foods, meals, groceries
Coolness: Wholefoods to take home - raw and ready to eat

Roots, Fruits & Flowers (3♥) is a combination wholefoods, healthfoods, delicatessen, florist, fruit and vegetable shop that's been a landmark in Glasgow's West End for decades.

It has a grand and wide frontage with some produce on display outside the shop - under their iconic black awnings with gold type clearly spelling out their wares.

In the section of the shop that has a big glass deli counter, you'll be able to order your coffee to have in or take away - made with beans from local roaster Charlie Mills.

The deli counter displays a wide range of food to eat in or take-away including soup, olives & hummus, deli platters, grilled panini, savoury tarts, tortillas, salads and cakes.

The majority of the large number of customers take yummy things home, but there's quite a bit of seating available to eat-in, by way of large, chunky, high wooden tables and stools along the windows.


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