Thursday 21 April 2016

Scottish Aeropress Championships - udpate

This is a last update before the Scottish Aeropress Championships on 21 April that will choose a winner to go to the World Aeropress Championships in Dublin, in June.

You can get tickets online here - or at the door - and you're in for some sensory joy! Taste, smell, sound, sight and feeling will get a work out.

As per our last article, the event starts at 6.30pm at the Dissection Room Summerhall and has a very laid back vibe. This video gives you a sense of what the event is striving for, albeit the actual competition standard will be very high!

Tickets are still available and this is what you'll enjoy, surrounded by the fantastic smells of high-end coffees:
  • Sight & feeling - You'll be on tenterhooks as you watch two semi finals and one final comprised of our finest baristas slinging their aeropress brews for world-class judges. Competitors will create their brews in 8 minutes - start to finish - before judges point to the winners. It's all very pacey
  • Sound - Live Music from Supermoon and Woodenbox
  • Feeling - The Summerhall Bar will help you wind down and chill out
  • Taste - Jones & Son Bespoke BBQ in the courtyard
  • Taste - Steampunk Coffee van in the courtyard
  • Taste - Twelve Triangles doughnuts
  • Taste - Brew Lab Cold Brew
  • Feeling - Get your retail therapy hit at the Pop-up Coffee Store
  • Feeling & taste - Edinburgh Coffee Lovers Brew Bar where you can feel the love chatting with some of Edinburgh and Glasgow's finest coffee shop managers and roasters. These friendly folk will hand out tasters of their delicious coffee and other creations as follows:
    - 6.30-7pm Fortitude - Williams & Johnson (roaster)
    - 7.10-7.40pm - Cult Espresso -  Noir
    - 7.50-8.20pm - Lowdown - Ovenbird (roaster)
    - 8.30-9pm - Cairngorm - Mr Eion (roaster)
    - 9.10-9.40pm - Artisan Roast (roaster) - Papercup (roaster)
All in all, it'll be a cracking night, hope to see you there!

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