Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Gannet and Guga

Unit 2, 3 The Arches
Open every day
Filter batch brew
Coffee: Dear Green
Also: Gourmet sandwiches
Coolness: Origami bird filled arched ceiling

Gannet and Guga (3♥) is a gourmet sandwich shop in The Arches, near Waverley Station in Edinburgh's Old Town.

While food is very much the focus of both the owner and the shop, they've applied their discerning tastebuds to their approach to coffee. They've chosen Glasgow-based roaster Dear Green and use a Marco batch brewer to turn out tasty filter coffee.

They're not aiming to compete with shops whose primary focus is coffee but we're big fans of this hearty, smooth filter - both with milk and without and hope to see more of it across Edinburgh. We believe it's ideal to use quality ingredients (i.e. carefully chosen and roasted beans) and a simpler brew method. It's also quick to get served!.

The food is many and varied and cooked onsite in the historic and curved stone 'cave' under the roadway above. You'll be greeted with tantalising smells when you stop in, conjured from several pots simmering behind the counter. Scottish fresh and locally sourced ingredients are showcased in menu items such 'Risk it for a Brisket' - home made traditional salt beef with their own sweet juniper pickled cucumber, cheese and mustard, 'Banh Mi for Life' - super tasty vietnamese inspired sandwiches and 'Jerk's on you' - chargrilled jerk spiced chicken, mango chutney and lime, coriander and red onion slaw, plus soups, cakes, vietnamese rice paper rolls and wide range of healthy drinks and juices.

For visitors who may be unaware, gannets are north sea birds and guga's are their babies. They're the subject of local sayings such as "eating like gannets" meaning eating a lot which makes perfect sense when you smell the food here! The bird theme is carried through the elegant origami flock of paper birds that adorn the arched stone ceiling above the servery.

Gannet and Guga gets the thumbs up from us!

More: facebook.com/gannetandguga

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