Monday 17 June 2019


9 Dock St
Tuesday - Saturday
Espresso, cold coffees
Coffee: Unorthodox Roasters
Also: Cakes, artwork, snacks
Coolness: Contemporary arts and interior ware

Sorbus is a small coffee shop in Dundee's historic centre that packs a lot in.

They're serving up carefully made espresso-based coffees using Unorthodox Roaster's 'Wee Stoater' - a natural Brazilian - Minor Figures cold coffees and Eteaket teas.

There's a handful of small tables at which to sit and chill, surrounded by Dock Street Studios artworks, candles, soaps, jewellery and other objects on sale.

The Studios host all sorts of events and offers local creatives a platform to showcase their art, homewares, furnishings and more and are just across the road from the V&A Dundee.

Also, keep an eye on Sorbus' social channels for coffee tasting and learning events.


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