Thursday 11 July 2019

Mr Eion Trinity

44-44a East Trinity Rd
Tuesday - Sunday
Filter, Espresso
Coffee: Mr Eion
Also: Meals, cakes, sandwiches
Coolness: White sunny space softened with natural tones

Mr Eion's cafe in Trinity has wide open windows to the street to welcome you in.

Speaking of welcoming, Mr Eion's roastery in Stockbridge has been supplying coffee lovers with a wide range of beans for many a year from their original bean shop.

Their Trinity cafe offers their beans - weighed out and priced by the gram depending on your needs - within a cafe environment of long pale timber tables and chairs, a tasty menu and a choice of espresso or filter based drinks.

This is the only speciality coffee shop in the area - with the closest choices being in Leith - so definitely worth a visit if you're in the area


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