Sunday 15 April 2018

Kaf Coffee

5 Hyndland St
G11 5QE
Open every day
Espresso, pour over
Coffee: Guests
Also: Meals, cakes, beans
Coolness: Lovely food cooked on premises

Kaf Coffee (5♥) is a small and perfectly formed coffee bar and bakery in Glasgow's West End area.

Specialty coffee reigns supreme here and visitors can expect to enjoy a constantly changing menu of pedigree roasters. Week to week choices will vary, but some of these names will give you an indication of the treats you're in for: Fortitude, Workshop, James Gourmet, Union and many more to come.

Kaf offers high quality pour over and espresso based coffees - made to exacting standards. You can also pick up coffee merch such as Colonna coffee capsules (Nespresso compatible compostable coffee pods), Keep Cups, pourover and aeropress kit and filters as well as some smart, Scandi-inspired cups and what nots.

While this is a wee shop that seats 9-10 people inside and a couple more out front, owner Leo is managing to produce some stand out food on site. In many cases for a shop of this size, the coffee would be the primary focus but Leo's managing to produce food to an equally high standard.

Meals will vary and include all day breakfast until 4pm of Scandi plates (e.g.boiled egg, bacon, cheese, new potato, hummus, sourdough, fruit and granola with yoghurt), breakfast rolls, porridge and grilled cheese sandwiches. And additional lunch options include a wide range of whole food sandwiches (e.g. ingredients include felafel, tuna nicoise, hazelnut pesto, pastrami). And the cakes, custard tarts, brownies, biscuits, puff pastry tarts and more that are on display are pretty much eye poppers.

Owner Leo brings to Kaf the skills and knowledge she's gathered through considerable time in some of Edinburgh and Glasgow's best specialty coffee houses. And has now set up her own offering that is a unique combination of food and coffee that's all her own.

And we love the 'KAF Coffee Glasgow' branding and tote bags - bravo.


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