Saturday, 28 May 2016


95 South St
St Andrews
KY16 9QW
Every day
Coffee: Grumpy Mule
Also: Meals, beans, smoothies
Coolness: Outdoor tables where you can watch the world go by

Zest (4♥), in bustling historic St Andrews, is a much-frequented cafe with a broad menu.

Customers place their order at the counter and have a choice of espresso-based coffees using West Yorkshire-based roaster Grumpy Mule.  Zest have plans to introduce pour-over, which we're pretty optimistic about, given the quality of their coffee. We've also sampled some Grumpy Mule on our travels and enjoyed their bright and juicy brews - in Zest's case very nicely made.

We were also happy to see bags of Aberfeldy's Glen Lyon's coffee beans available for purchase. We're big fans of supporting local businesses!

To accompany your coffee there are light and big breakfasts, soups, rolls, baguettes, bagels, salads, waffles and scones, plus more. Smoothies and juices also feature prominently, so if  a Raspberry Bomb, Mango Tango, or Razamataz sound like you, you're in luck.

Tea lovers have a choice of loose leaf teas - Scottish or specialty - so you'll not have a tea bag waved in front of you.

The front of Zest is set up for 'alfresco' with ample tables and chairs spilling out on to the pavement. They've also got a section out the back if you're after a hide-away.

All in all, we're super happy that Zest are leading the charge on specialty coffee in St Andrews!


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