Tuesday 1 May 2018

Kelvin Pocket

72 S Woodside Rd
G4 9HG
Open every day
Coffee: Climpson & Sons
Also: Meals, cakes, beans, fresh juice
Coolness: Spacious and laid back on the River Kelvin

The Kelvin Pocket (4♥) provides breakfast, lunch and cakes and is situated at the bottom of the Kelvinbridge stairs, adjacent the Kelvinbridge Underground.

These folks ply coffee from the well-established and highly regarded East London company Climpson & Sons - available to sit in, takeaway or take home with various beans to choose from.

As the name describes, the cafe is tucked in a little pocket, a little sun trap in the afternoon with outdoor seating. There's plenty of seating inside and outside the cafe with a lovely laid back spacious feel and nothing is ever to much for the fantastic staff.

Inside the counter displays an amazing array of ever-changing cakes with some popular ones making a reappearance from time to time. The food menu changes daily, keeps in season and is sourced locally. This ranges from soaked oats and berries, smoked salmon bagels, various filled fresh sandwiches, soups and salads all made on site.

More: facebook.com/kelvinpocket/

Post written by Leanne Graham
- Instagram @glw.coffee.snob & peaceandjam1

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