Saturday 10 January 2015

Wellington Coffee

33A George St
Open every day
Coffee: Square Mile and guests
Also: Light meals, beans
Coolness: View to Fife from the outdoor pavement tables (in good weather!)

Wellington Coffee (5♥), downstairs on the corner of Hanover and George Streets makes great coffee.

They have been using independent coffee roaster Square Mile for some years now - a London outfit - and change their beans with the seasons. They also almost always have a guest coffee to tempt you as well as a 'decaf worth drinking' for those who prefer great coffee without the caffeine.

All the folk behind the machine produce consistently excellent coffee - temperature-perfect and luxuriously smooth.

There are a quite few tables and chairs, some on the pavement and some in the outdoor area below street level. Inside is smaller with a few tables and chairs along with benches at the windows. It's popular so you can expect not to get a seat inside at high peak coffee and lunch times.

Food on offer includes scones, brownies and light lunch-type options.

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  1. They've stopped serving hot food now....but coffee still good!

  2. Have to agree. Of all the coffee bars around Wellingtons (and there a good few) this is by far the best.

  3. Yes, we have stopped doing hot food, and this was mostly to do with putting the focus back on the coffee (in terms of quality, consistency and speed of service)

  4. Thanks for your help. We are travelling around the UK and good coffee can be hard to find. We tried Wellington on our first morning in Edinburgh and agree that it is excellent.

  5. I like how you manage to slip Wellington into lots of your reviews, regardless of the coffee shop you are reviewing. "eat here but give the coffee a miss and pop round to Wellington, coffee is good but its certainly no Wellington etc etc. Boring! Very overrated coffee in a shoebox of a shop with no character and staff that look like they would rather be somewhere else. Its more welcoming accross the street in starbucks!

  6. while it may be the best coffee shop in town, ( having only been in once), i left feeilng.. angry. i asked for a tall black with Sugar, ( i know sugar kills the taste....yada yada..), but to me a good coffee is how I want it.

    The guy on the till gave me a contemptuous sneer and proclaimed.... ( you obviously havent been in here before), then went on to regale me with the old....sugar kills the subtle flavours etc), i nearly ranted at him to give me the coffee i asked for. then an interminable wait for it. after that, the coffee was bitter, and scalded.

    I wasnt impressed, i may go back to try it again,but it wont be soon but they should drop their attitude and give the customer what they ask for.

    2 out of 5.

  7. Last time I've been to Edingurg I missed this coffee place, therefore it's worth coming back to the city:)

  8. Lovely site. Makes me pine for my old Edinburgh Haunts!